Recognition of Prior Learning (formal, informal, and non-formal)

The recognition of prior learning is carried out as outlined in detail in the Framework Regulations of the Council of Higher Education and Bahçeşehir University’s Regulation on Undergraduate Education. Internal undergraduate transfers can be made within the quota determined by the respective board. The decision on such quota is made by respective council in a way to not exceed 15% of the student quota indicated in the Student Selection and Placement Center’s Guide for each year. The quota for internal undergraduate transfers, respective base point and stipulated additional conditions are announce at the institution’s website in at least 15 days before the deadline for applications.  In the case of transfer within the university, and regarding applications for degree programs admitting transfer students with different score types from the central placement exam, the student’s ÖSYM placement score in the year of enrollment in the university must be no less than the lowest base score of other national undergraduate programs that are equivalent to the BAU undergraduate program to which the student seeks to transfer, in the relevant year. In addition to complying with other conditions, the candidates must be successful in aptitude test while transferring to diploma programs that accept students with aptitude test.

The students who have successfully completed the associate degree programs of Open University and vocational schools can be transferred to the formal education undergraduate programs. Senior students and graduates of vocational schools in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the candidates who are graduated from a foreign university and whose equivalence is accepted are entitled to apply to the external transfer. Senior students and graduates of vocational schools which admit students through central placement system and special aptitude test are required to sit on the External Transfer Exam (DGS) if they seek an external transfer to the undergraduate programs which admit students through aptitude test or central placement. External transfer to the undergraduate programs which admit students through the special aptitude test is made centrally. In case of internal transfers at graduate level, a successful student who completed at least one semester in another department of the same institute or a graduate program of an equivalent institute of another higher education institution can be admitted to graduate programs through internal transfer. In order for the external transfer application of a student to be admitted, he/she must meet the admission requirements. A student who seeks internal transfer to a graduate program of the university applies to the Directorate of Institute during the application period announced at the institute’s website, together with its application containing a explanatory form about his/her current program and the documents showing his/her academic standing. Director of institute submit those documents to respective department and asks for the opinion of such department and if positive, the names of courses required for such student to take to comply with the program. Opinions and recommendations of the department are reviewed at the council of institute, and eligibility of the student for internal transfer is decided before the beginning of academic year. The courses the student completed while enrolled in a graduate program of another university that will be counted within the minimum course load if he/she then enrolls in a graduate program at the University which records the minimum course load is considered to be the case are determined with the recommendation of advisor and respective department and approval of the council of institute. After the external transfer, the courses the student completed in his/her previous education are counted if their contents and learning outcomes are matching, and they are matched with the curriculum.

In Turkey, regulations and arrangements concerning the recognition of certificate- and experience-based (in-formal and non-formal) learning are currently at the beginning stage. Therefore, Bahçeşehir University continues its efforts for the recognition of in-formal and non-formal learning at its undergraduate and graduate programs.

In Turkey, except educational institutions, regulations about non formal certificate or experience based (in-formal and non-formal) learning recognition process are at an early stage.

For these reasons Bahçeşehir University do the necessary for the recognition of in-formal and non-formal learning on undergraduate and graduate programs.