Research Centers

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Academic Research Centers: 

American Studies Center – AMERS (

Bahçeşehir University's American Studies Center conducts research pertaining to American history, culture, and politics to better understand Turkish-American relations and the current developments taking place on the American continent. The center hosts numerous international conferences and certificate programs to allow researchers and scholars who work on Turkish-American relations to share their knowledge with the Bahçeşehir University community.  The American Studies Center’s signature conference is its annual Global Leadership Forum – GLF ( Additionally, the center invites American lecturers to Turkey and sends Turkish academics and intellectuals to the United States to give lectures at various think tanks and forums.  The American Studies Center aims to build a platform to facilitate communication and understanding between the two countries.

Bahçeşehir University EU Information Centre - EUIC


The European Union inaugurated the Istanbul Bahçeşehir EU Information Centre (EUIC) on 17 February 2012 with a view to informing citizens about the European Union and Turkey 's accession process. The EUIC will be run in collaboration with Bahçeşehir University, and is part of a network of 21 EUICs across Turkey.

Established by the EU Delegation to Turkey in collaboration with local partners, EUICs respond to the EU-related questions of citizens, provide information about EU policies, projects and activities carried out in Turkey, and aim to bring the EU closer to citizens of Turkey. The Centres work in close contact with target groups including students, local media, business circles, public bodies and civil society and organize numerous activities with local and regional partners.

Bahçeşehir University Game Lab – BUG (

Founded by the Communication Design Department, Bahçeşehir University Game Lab is a communication and education platform for the leading actors of Istanbul’s game market and designers who are interested in developing games. BUG took start in 2011 by producing the documentary 'Game.Doc' that tells the story of the game scene in Turkey. 

BUG realized its first R&D project, 'Playful Interactions' in collaboration with MIT’s Media Lab. A three-week boot camp called 'Game Workshops' followed in the summer of 2012. In a short period since its inception, BUG put together seven teams, which designed seven brand new games and became a meeting point for the indie game studios and developers. Apart from being a research and design lab, BUG also plans to offer degree programs on game design and studies in the near future. 

Center for Economic and Social Research – BETAM ( 

Bahçeşehir University’s Center for Economic and Social Research - BETAM, founded in 2008, conducts applied research on economic and social issues.  It evaluates the efficiency and the success of current policies and produces policy recommendations. The research conducted in BETAM aims to increase the social and economic welfare. Hence, the output is shared with academia, research centers, independent researchers and the general public in Turkey as well as abroad. 

BETAM consists of three main units. In the Economic Research Unit, it focuses on the research and development of economic policy in Turkey and abroad from a comparative perspective. In the Social Sciences Research Unit, it concentrates on the cultural, social and political structure of Turkey and its international relations. The third unit, Database, provides support in the collection, organization and registration of the necessary data. 

Civilization Studies Center – MEDAM ( 

Bahçeşehir University’s Civilization Studies Center aims to explore the principles behind the ascensions, declines, and evolutionary processes of world civilizations in order to better understand history and apply its findings to the present. MEDAM uses latest tools and technologies to research ancient cultures, and presents its findings through conferences and panels around the world.  The center also prepares cooperative research projects and documentaries which highlight ancient civilizations, and organizes exhibitions, film screenings, memorials, and visits to various historical sites.  

MEDAM seeks and fosters partnerships with centers at other universities and institutes to create collaborative research projects and programs.  The center publishes a periodical entitled “Civilization Studies” in both Turkish and English to introduce its new findings in the field and share this information with the general public. Through the study of ancient civilizations and their relevance to today’s social and political context, MEDAM aims to encourage intercultural communication and understanding between countries with diverse histories and backgrounds.

 Institute for Global Understanding of the Rule of Law - IGUL 

Bahçeşehir University’s Faculty of Law established the Institute for Global Understanding of the Rule of Law (IGUL), an academic platform to create a common understanding with regards to the principles of a constitutional state and improving such understanding.

Towards this goal, IGUL organizes conferences, seminars and certificate programs with different foci, inviting notable professors and professionals from around the world. Participants are updated on revisions to the Turkish law system. Such platforms also allow these participants to thoroughly discuss comparative law issues. Since 2008, the directorate has offered certificates for 18.763 people attending the Continuing Training Programs on the Penal Code and Code of Criminal Procedure.

IGUL collaborates with other international law institutions - namely the Max-Planck Institute – MPI (Germany) and Harvard University Kennedy School (U.S.A.) - on collaborative research projects, and organizes training programs for the larger public. The research projects include: “Efficiency of Criminal Justice System in Turkey” (completed), “Pre-Trial Detention and Defense Powers in Turkey” (ongoing), and “Cyber Security” (ongoing). Lastly, IGUL recently partnered with the American Bar Association (ABA) in seven different cities around Turkey on a project on domestic violence. 

International Security and Strategic Research Center – BÜSAM (

The International Security and Strategic Research Center aims to analyze foreign policies of Turkey and the surrounding countries. The center focuses on making predictions based on the analysis of the current political and socio-economic problems in the Balkans, Middle East, Black Sea and Far East regions, which are then shared with international and national leaders for the purpose of coming up with solutions for likely future scenarios. 

In light of these goals, the center organizes conferences and roundtable discussions, prepares publications, and collaborates with other strategic research centers to discuss pressing issues in the field. The International Security and Strategic Research Center focuses its work on topics such as globalization, global terrorism, national security, as well as energy. 

NYU Research Methods Workshops at Bahcesehir – BAYO


The goal of this program is to build applied research capacity in social sciences in Turkey and over time, in the region (Europe, Middle East and Central Asia). More than a basic research methods program, participants are able to sharpen and refine their toolbox of methods for social inquiry using mixed methods. They become involved in a local and global community of scholars working at the intersection of policy, research, and practice, developing sophisticated research skills in applied, multiple methods (e.g., experimental, survey, archival, ethnography, focus groups, interviews, mapping) and working on policy-based research projects, and collaborating with colleagues engaged in similar projects in other nations/communities. The program faculty includes a core Turkish faculty of sociologists, psychologists, anthropologists and historians, and international scholars coming from NYU and other US universities. 

Since the implementation of the program, NYU Research Methods Workshops at Bahcesehir have offered programs in 16 different disciplines including but not limited to economics, finance, education and social sciences. A total of 224 scholars and 72 professionals have attended the workshops this year. The workshops will continue to be offered throughout the year at Bahcesehir University, Istanbul. 

Transportation Application and Research Center – UYGAR (

Bahçeşehir University’s Transportation Application and Research Center conducts research and oversees training on urban systems, transportation planning, and transportation infrastructure. 

Increase in population put an extra strain on transportation systems, exceeding their capacities. These inefficiencies particularly occur in densely populated urban areas with high employment rates. However, the ineffectiveness of the transportation system directly results in a loss of resources and put a burden on employment opportunities. The Center cooperates with local governments and municipal centers, the private sector, civil society organizations, and other universities to find scientific solutions for these issues and prevent future transportation problems from occurring.


Vocational and Technical Education Development & Research Center –METGEM (

Established in 2008, Vocational and Technical Education Development & Research Center (METGEM) offers a unique learning model with the support of educators, non-profit organizations, and national and international industry representatives. It aims to best serve the strategic workforce through the required qualifications of vocational and technical education that are implemented within the Bahcesehir University’s Vocational School.

METGEM implements its work through an advisory board from the sector corresponding with each educational program in the Vocational School. Educational representatives from the vocational field decide upon the school’s curriculum and also take into consideration the needs of the industry.  METGEM works closely with private, public, and voluntary agencies and institutions, nongovernmental institutions, and educational institutions in Turkey, such as the Higher Education Council (YÖK) and the Ministry of National Education, as well as many other institutions, and plays an important role in determining strategies and policies for vocational education in Turkey.

UNESCO Unit for Culture of Peace and Human Rights Studies 

UNESCO Unit for Culture of Peace and Human Rights Studies within Bahçeşehir University aims to create awareness on human rights not only within Turkey and its region but also around the globe. The Unit creates pilot projects, in order to enhance the understanding of the education of human rights in primary schools and colleges. 

Implementing the notions such as, respect, understanding the other, cultural diversity, coexistence and equality, from the very early stage of life is the priority of the unit. In a world that is turning into a small village day by day, the importance of cherising the meaning of coexistence needs to be promoted. The Unit is becoming a hub where NGO's, scholars and students meet to achieve the goals of the common values that both UNESCO and the Turkish National Commitee underline.