Career Guidance Center

Cooperative education is method of combining higher education with practical work experience (Internship) Cooperative education is known as CO-OP shortly. A university student has the chance to work in a firm while he/she is completing his/her academic degree.

Most important advantage of CO-OP is the work experince and transition to business life from university life.It is a kind of experiential learning. Student who works while his/her academic degree, is called a COOPER.  COOPERS have also the advantage of participation to worklife, getting initiative in worklife. They have the chance to show themselves. After graduation successful COOPERs have the chance to continue as an employee in the firm they do CO-OP. Also CO-OP partner firms have the advantage to choose their employees during CO-OP period.

In Bahçeşehir University’s CO-OP Model, “Branded Courses” are unique. The "Branded Course" concept is one of the most original innovations inspired by the CO-OP Education Model for the higher-education system in Turkey. Branded Courses are taught in Bahcesehir University, for a more qualified workforce, by the partner companies. The classes are about their respective fields, products, services and applications. 

Our partners implement the content of these practical courses due to their individual needs. These courses are taught by our partners’ representatives. The students select these courses and receive credits. Branded Courses with a CO-OP code is opened only under the relevant department or departments and can be selected by only these departments’ 3rd and 4th year students.  

Some courses are relevant to personal development of the students as well as job-oriented life practice.  Students from all departments choose these personal development courses, offered each semester, to increase the self-confidence and personal relations as well as to improve communication skills. 

Students who do well in the course receive a certificate upon completion.  

Since starting in 2008,  84 courses have become available to students.