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EĞİTİM TARİHİMİZDE MÜKÂFAT BELGELERİ 1869-1950 (Diplomas in Our History of Education – 1869 - 1950)
Haluk Perk
This Book presents the diplomas used in schools between 1869-1950 in the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey.

Rinaldo Marmara
Doctor Rinaldo Marmara serves as the official historian and cultural attaché of "Turkey Spiritual heads of the Catholic Committee". He was also awarded the “Chevalier de l'Ordre de Saint-Grégoire le Grand” by the Vatican. 

Haluk Oral
The Gallipoli Campain of 1915 has a very special place not only in the memory of the Turks but also in those of the people of England, Britain, France, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India and Germany. This significance was most eloquently expressed by Mustafa Kemal (Atatürk), himself a Turkish hero in the campaign, who later founded the Republic of Turkey, when he stated;
You who have shed your blood on the land of this country are English, French, Austrilian, New Zealender and Indian heroes. You are lying in the earth of a friendly country, therefore rest in peace. You are lying near and in the embrace of the Mehmeds of this country.
You the mothers, who sent your sons from far away countries, wipe away your tears. Your sons are now lying in our bosom and are at peace. Having lost their lives on this land they have become our sons as well.
Every year the commemorative ceremonies held at Gallipoli on March 18th and April 25th are a tangible realization of the truth of these words.

Burak Kuntay
In order to understand the conflict between Turkey and the U.S. during the 2003 Iraq War, it is necessary to understand the two countries’ relations. Before 9/11, the relationship is briefly analyzed in two parts: prior to 1990 and between 1990 and 2001. This brief background information is helpful to better understand the 2003 events. How did the relations start between the two allies? How did they struggle during turbulent times? How did they overcome difficulties? And finally, what changed after 1990? In order to understand the differences before and after 9/11, all these parameters must be carefully evaluated. Therefore a brief background is presented.

Heath W. Lowry
The present study is intended to provide the reader with an introduction to my ramblings in the footsteps of Evliya, in the course of which I have visited some of the very soup kitchens (imarets) in which he ate (and sometimes slept), bathed in the domed pools of several of the natural hot springs (kaplıcas) he so loved, relaxed under the shade of some of the same ancient plane trees he once sat under in numerous excursion – picnic spots ( ziyaretgahs – mesiregahs), and traced his footsteps through the towns and cities he described in search of their fortresses(kales), mosques (camis) and bathhouses (hammams).

Heath W. Lowry
This is an attempt to open a narrow window, to provide a snapshot into the nascent Turkish nationalist movement during the opening months of 1921, i.e., a key point in its evolution. By retracing Streit’s travels from the Black Sea port of Samsun, across Anatolia to Ankara, the center of the newly formed nationalist government; by reliving his contacts with the peoples he met in the course of travels, as well as with the nationalist leadership in Ankara, and in particular with its charismatic leader, Mustafa Kemal Paşa; and finally by examining life as he experienced it, following his departure from Ankara, in the provincial town of Eskişehir (while enroute to Antalya where he embarked for Istanbul), it seeks to sketch a portrait of life in Turkey as it actually was in the harsh winter of 1921.  It is designed to cast light on an otherwise obscure period, a juncture in time, where the ultimate fate of the Turkish nationalist movement was still very much in the balance.

TÜRKIYE ILE VATIKAN DIPLOMATIK İLIŞKILERE DOĞRU (Diplomatic Relationships between Turkey and the Vatican)
Rinaldo Marmara
This book aims to reveal the stages of the establishment of diplomatic relations regarding the secret archives of the Vatican. This is the first time documents concerning the relations between the two states have been published.

TÜRK CEZA KANUNU (Turkish Criminal Code)
Feridun Yenisey
This book aims to provide practitioners with the most current legislation.
Günseli Kato      
Miniature Rising is a Project of total conservation of an aesthetic memory. The
figures used in the book are not only the primary sources of inspiration in the art of miniature, but also of other disciplines. Throughout the book, the figures are accompanied by verses.