General Admission Requirements

For Turkish Student

According to the regulations of Higher Education Council of Turkey , admission of national students to short and first cycle degree programmes is centralized and based on a nationwide two-staged examination system conducted by OSYM (Assessment, Selection and Placement Centre). Candidates gain access to institutions of higher education based on their composite scores consisting of the scores on the second stage selection examination and their high school grade point averages.

Admission to graduate programmes, on the other hand, is directly conducted by BAU, within the frameworks of the publicly announced national and institutional regulations.

For International Student

International students are accepted to undergraduate programs according to the score of one of the international exams they take such as SAT, ACT etc. or according to their high school diploma score. Exchange student admission is made according to the requirements determined by bilateral agreements signed by BAU and the partner university. Visiting students can enroll for the courses offered in this program upon the confirmation of the related academic unit. Additionally, they need to prove their English language level since the language of instruction at BAU is English. For graduate programs, the international candidates have to meet departmental prerequisites and requirements.

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For International Exchange Student

Exchange students are accepted to BAU in the framework of the bilateral agreements (Erasmus or general cooperation protocol) signed by both BAU and the partner higher education institution. According to the requirements or conditions stated in the protocol, exchange students can enroll for the courses offered at BAU and study one or two semester.

For Transfer Student

The students who want to transfer to BAU from another higher education institution have to meet national transfer requirements specifically defined by Higher Education Council of Turkey. The admission of transfer students are made in the framework of the quota determined by the university.

For Visiting Student

Students who are currently studying in a higher education institution in other countries or the ones who graduated can apply to BAU to study as visiting students for one or two semesters. The students can apply to Office of International Affairs by submitting an education certificate and a letter of intent in which they include the list of the courses they want to register. Since the medium of instruction at BAU is English, it is compulsory for the applicants to prove their English Proficiency before they begin taking courses. After the approval of the related academic unit, the students are asked to complete the final registration procedure.