Facilities for Special Needs Students



• The aim of the Disabled Unit is to provide equal rights to access and support to students with disabilities and create awareness about disability within the campus. Besides, the unit encourages disabled students to be a part of our university activities so that they can develop themselves socially     
• The unit which is recognized by the University Senate consists of academic personnel ( at least one faculty member from each faculty), administrative personnel, units directly related to student affairs; administrative office, library, Information Technologies Center etc and representative of disabled students who are selected by the disabled students. 
• The unit makes some decisions and the disabled members of the unit takes on tasks on implementation and coordination of the decisions. 
• In addition to the mission of our university, the disability groups and the required services for each disability group is designed by this unit according to possibilities of our university. 
•The unit has created a text which has “general information for faculty members and research assistants about disabled students” and the text can be found on our website. In this text, especially the processes in the classrooms are pointed out and the issue of how should approach to disabled students be, are stressed.  
• Every academic year disabled students who passed the OSYM exams and choose our university, and their contact information is collected at our Student Affairs unit.  In the light of this information, the registration of disabled students to our unit is supported. 
• Since the beginning of 2006-2007 Academic year, on orientation program about our university, the physical conditions, services for disabled students and information about the unit is made for our disabled students. 
• Our university dorms are not suitable for our physically handicapped students in the sense of accessibility, because of that  they are not able to live in our university dorms.  Therefore in necessary conditions dormitory scholarship is provided so that they can live in other universities’ dormitories. One of our students is benefitted from this opportunity. 
OCTOBER  2012 

• Financial support is provided to 2 of our students whose economic conditions are not good. 
• For disabled students, there are assistant students and these assistant students are selected from the department that disables students are studying.  These assistant students have to work 8 hours a week. In this case, 10 hours of supported is provided to every disabled student.  

MARCH   2012 

•. A form which states the suitability of the physical areas within our university to disabilities is created. 
• We don’t have visually impaired students but our membership to Boğaziçi University-GETEM has been made and it is announced on our website. 
• Handicapped Unit shares its knowledge with some institutions as well. In this sense, our university and İstanbul Municipality Police Department gave training for   a project  called “Education of Disabled Children of City Police Department” ( 75 children).  Arts and Sciences Faculty BÖTE students took part in this project and in the end of the project, certificates were given to participants.  
• Ramazan Baş, President of the Association of Spinal Cord Injury is invited to our university and he gave information about the campaign “ Jumping to Still Water”. “Collecting Blue Bottle Cap” campaign is organized. 

APRIL  2012 

• In order to determine the accessibility for physically handicapped students, a pilot study has been made as a social responsibility project by several students and the results are presented to the Rectors Office. Similar study is planned for other campuses as well.  

MAY 2012 

• The arrangements for physical environments are trying to be completed with the help of Administrative Affairs Office.