Profile of the Program

The aim of the Urban and Transportation Management Systems non-Thesis Master Program is to educate students as highly motivated, socially responsible energy systems engineers who have the ability to deal with transport-related management problems creatively at theoretical and practical levels using the critical thinking and scientific analysis methods in both the national and the world-wide context.

Qualification Awarded

The students who successfully complete the program are awarded the degree of Bachelor of Master Degree

Level of Qualification

This is a program.

Specific Admission Requirements

Candidates graduated from a 4-years undergraduate program and having a score of 55 from Academic and Graduate Studies Entry Exam (ALES) or a GMAT score of 450 or a GRE score of 610 may apply to the program.

Qualification Requirements and Regulations

The students studying in Urban and Transportation Management Systems non-Thesis Master graduate program are required to have a Cumulative Grade Points Avarage (Cum. GPA) of not less than 3.00/4.00 and no failing grades with minimum 90 ECTS credits. It is also mandatory to complete a thesis project and its report in a specified duration and quality.

Recognition of Prior Learning

At Bahcesehir University , full-time students can be exempted from some courses within the framework of the related by laws. If the content of the course previously taken in another institution is equivalent to the course offered at BAU, then the student can be exempted from this course with the approval of the related faculty/graduate school after the evaluation of the course content.

Occupational Profiles of Graduates

Graduates of MSc. in Urban and Transportation Management non-Thesis program are engaged in positins dealing with transportation management, planning of transport politics and transport management issues. They also are employed in academia and research institutions and universities. Below is a summary of organizations they would employed at various positions.

Access to Further Studies

The students graduating from this program may apply to third cycle (PhD degree) programmes.

Program Outcomes

1 Improving and enhancing information in expertise level on the concept of transportation licence level abilities in terms of transportation department and related departments.
2 Having detailed information about current technics, methods and their constraints in transportation engineering.
3 Having awareness about innovations and developments in profession, investigating and learning necessary informations about these
4 Completing and implementing information with limited datas, integrating informations of different discipline datas
5 Estabilishing engineering problems, improving methods for solution, implementing new methods in solutions
6 New/origin idea and method implementing, improving new solutions in system, part and process designs.
7 Understanding process and results of studies, presenting the datas oral and written in related department on national and international scales, understanding a foreign language, having speaking, writing and reading level at least Europan Language Portfolio B2.
8 Understanding social and environmental phases of technological implementations. Listing ability of current technics, methods, effects, constraints and results of technological implementations.
9 Considering social-scientific-ethic values in collecting-understanding-implementing-presenting phases and all activities.
10 Having information detailed and deeply by implemented researching in technology, evaluating and implementing of information
11 Developing method for defined technological problems and implementing innovative methods in solutions.
12 Modelling and implementing of experimental investigations, solving of complex cases in this process

Course & Program Outcomes Matrix

No Effect 1 Lowest 2 Low 3 Average 4 High 5 Highest
Program Outcomes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
ISM5101 Research Methods and Ethics
KSU5112 Intracity Transportation Systems 4 4 4
KSU5217 Evaluation of Transportation Investments 5 4 4
KSU5330 Transportation Infrastructure Project Management 4 4 4
KSU5419 Railway Systems 5 5 5
KSU5999 Project 5 4 4
Departmental Elective
EM5203 Statistical Data Analysis and Decision Making
ISM5112 Project Management in Engineering
ISM5124 Strategic Human Resources Management
ISM5225 Human Resources Management
ISM5242 Service Operations Management
ISM5322 Supply Chain Design
ISM5490 Operations Research
KSU5111 Introduction to Transportation Engineering and Planning
KSU5112 Intracity Transportation Systems
KSU5113 Urban Landscape Planning
KSU5114 Urban Systems
KSU5115 Urban Logistics
KSU5116 Port and Terminal Management
KSU5117 Urban Travel Demand Modelling
KSU5118 Geographical Information Systems and Applications
KSU5119 Public Place and Accessibility
KSU5121 Transportation Systems Analysis
KSU5122 Spatial and Social Dynamics in Metropolitan City
KSU5123 Tunneling Systems in Highway Networks
KSU5125 Landscape Architecture
KSU5126 Open Areas Management
KSU5127 Park Transformation Policies
KSU5211 Public Infrastructure Project Management
KSU5212 Land Use Ethics and Management
KSU5213 3 Dimensional Modelling and Laser Scanning Techniques
KSU5214 Material Science
KSU5215 Intermodal Transportation
KSU5216 Urban Space Design and Aesthetics
KSU5217 Evaluation of Transportation Investments
KSU5218 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
KSU5221 Urban Morphology
KSU5301 Traffic Management and Control
KSU5302 Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
KSU5304 Transportation Economics
KSU5305 Transportation-I
KSU5306 Transportation-II
KSU5307 Disaster and Emergency Management
KSU5308 Metropolitan Managements
KSU5309 Urban Law
KSU5310 Urban and Urbanization
KSU5311 Waste Management
KSU5312 Environmental Effects of Transportation
KSU5313 Safe Urban Road Design
KSU5314 Highway Capacity Analysis
KSU5315 Urban Roads Superstructure Management Systems
KSU5316 Traffic Simulation and Microsimulation
KSU5317 Railway Superstructure Calculations
KSU5318 Railway Superstructure Elements and Maintenance Basis
KSU5319 Modern Mass Transportation Vehicle Technologies
KSU5320 Transportation Based Urban Transition Projects
KSU5321 Land Use -Transportation Models and Policies
KSU5322 Comparative Urban Politics
KSU5323 Characteristics of Urban Railway Systems
KSU5326 Transportation Systems Operation and Management In Livable Urbans
KSU5327 System Engineering For Intelligent Transportation Systems
KSU5328 Urban Structure and Transport Behaviours In Metropolitans
KSU5329 Urban Management
KSU5330 Transportation Infrastructure Project Management
KSU5331 Computer Aided Collision Simulation
KSU5332 Relation Between Urban Transformation and Real Estate Sector
KSU5333 Urban Lighting Systems
KSU5335 Roadside Safety Design and Applications
KSU5336 Safety Requirements and Operation of Tunnels in EU Transportation Networks
KSU5337 Scientific Research Methods on Urban Studies
KSU5338 Risk Analysis In Transportation Facilities
KSU5339 City Centers Planning Principles
KSU5340 Mass Transportation Management
KSU5341 Customer Relations Management In Passenger Transportation
KSU5342 Project Preparation in Engineering and Evaluation Principles
KSU5412 Urban Economy and Finance Management
KSU5413 Transportation Policies and Results in Developed Countries
KSU5414 Technological Background of Urban Informatics
KSU5415 Real Estate Development: Investment and Analysis Processes
KSU5416 Urban Infrastructure Management
KSU5417 Road Safety Engineering
KSU5418 Istanbul Real Estate Market
KSU5419 Railway Systems
KSU5420 Experimental Mechanic and Railway Vehicle Implementations
KSU5421 Railway System Mechanics
KSU5423 Vibration and Noise Control In Railway Vehicles
KSU5424 Railway Transport Traction Systems
PIH5005 Theoretical Principals of Public Relations
PIH5103 Cases in Public Relations
YIS5625 Reconstruction and Municipal Legislation

Course Structure Diagram with Credits

1. Semester
Course Code Course Name Prerequisites Theoretical Practical Credit ECTS
KSU5112 Intracity Transportation Systems 3 0 3 8
KSU5419 Railway Systems 3 0 3 8
Departmental Elective 3 6
Departmental Elective 3 8
Total 30
2. Semester
Course Code Course Name Prerequisites Theoretical Practical Credit ECTS
KSU5217 Evaluation of Transportation Investments 3 0 3 8
KSU5330 Transportation Infrastructure Project Management 3 0 3 8
Departmental Elective 3 6
Departmental Elective 3 8
Total 30
3. Semester
Course Code Course Name Prerequisites Theoretical Practical Credit ECTS
ISM5101 Research Methods and Ethics 1 0 1 2
KSU5999 Project 0 0 0 16
Departmental Elective 3 8
Departmental Elective 3 8
Total 34

Program Director (or Equivalent)