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Master TR-NQF-HE: Level 7 QF-EHEA: Second Cycle EQF-LLL: Level 7

Course Introduction and Application Information

Course Code Course Name Semester Theoretical Practical Credit ECTS
YZM5888-2 Master Thesis Spring 0 0 0 30
This catalog is for information purposes. Course status is determined by the relevant department at the beginning of semester.

Basic information

Language of instruction: Turkish
Type of course: Technical Elective
Course Level:
Prerequisites: YZM5888-1 - Yüksek Lisans Tezi
Mode of Delivery: Face to face
Course Coordinator : Prof. Dr. MEHMET ALPER TUNGA
Recommended Optional Program Components: None.
Course Objectives: The objective of the master thesis is to teach students how to carry out an independent piece of research on a development issue. Working on the master thesis should enable students to address a specific theme in a scientifically sound, thorough and precise manner. Students gain insight into the different stages of the research process and enhance students’ ability to see the relationship between choice of research question, theoretical perspective, research design and choice of method.

Learning Outcomes

The students who have succeeded in this course;
1. Show considerable knowledge of a specific theoretical and empirical issue area.
2. Compose, present and defend a scientific inquiry in the form of a master’s thesis.
3. Analyze some other related theories and apply the methods of computer science.

Course Content

The content of this course is composed of literature review, paper review and methodology, evaluation, report and presentation.

Weekly Detailed Course Contents

Week Subject Related Preparation
1) Literature review
2) Article analysis and methodology
3) Evaluation
4) Report and presentation
5) Literature research
6) Article analysis
7) Evaluation
8) Report and presentation
9) Literature research
10) Article analysis
11) Evaluation
12) Report and presentation
13) Article analysis
14) Report and presentation


Course Notes / Textbooks: Will be given weekly
References: Yok - None.

Evaluation System

Semester Requirements Number of Activities Level of Contribution
Presentation 3 % 50
Project 1 % 50
Total % 100
Total % 100

Contribution of Learning Outcomes to Programme Outcomes

No Effect 1 Lowest 2 Low 3 Average 4 High 5 Highest
Program Outcomes Level of Contribution