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Master TR-NQF-HE: Level 7 QF-EHEA: Second Cycle EQF-LLL: Level 7

Course Introduction and Application Information

Course Code Course Name Semester Theoretical Practical Credit ECTS
INE5261 Multi Attribute Decision Making Fall
3 0 3 12
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Basic information

Language of instruction: English
Type of course: Departmental Elective
Course Level:
Mode of Delivery: Face to face
Course Coordinator : Dr. Öğr. Üyesi JBİD ANİ ARSENYAN ÜŞENMEZ
Course Lecturer(s): Dr. Öğr. Üyesi YÜCEL BATU SALMAN
Recommended Optional Program Components: None
Course Objectives: This course aims to build up the multi-attribute decision making concept by defining the decision making problem with its various constituents.

Learning Outcomes

The students who have succeeded in this course;
Understand the nature of decision making
Structure and model multi-attribute decision making problems
Select the most appropriate method to solve multi-attribute problems
Integrate the preferences of a group of decision makers
Solve real world problems having conflicting criteria

Course Content

The course includes various multi-attribute decision making tools and techniques such as elementary methods, value based methods, and outranking methods in order to help industrial engineering students to handle real-life problems with a scientific approach.

Weekly Detailed Course Contents

Week Subject Related Preparation
1) Decision analysis
2) Utility theory
3) Multi attribute decision making
4) Structuring the problem
5) Elementary methods
7) Value-based methods
8) Midterm
9) Outranking methods
10) Group Decision Making
11) Fuzzy Approach to MADM
12) Applications
13) Project presentations
14) Project presentations


Course Notes / Textbooks: Multiple Attribute Decision Making: An Introduction K . P. Yoon, and C.-L.Hwang 1995 978-0803954861
References: Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis: An Integrated Approach V. Belton, and T.J. Stewart 2003 0-7923-7505-X
The analytic hierarchy process: planning, priority setting, resource allocation T.L. Saaty 1990 978-0070543713
Decisions with Multiple Objectives:
Preferences and Value Tradeoffs R.L. Keeney, and H. Raiffa 1993 978-0521438834
The Analytic Network Process: Decision Making With Dependence and Feedback T.L. Saaty 1996 978-0962031793

Evaluation System

Semester Requirements Number of Activities Level of Contribution
Project 1 % 35
Midterms 1 % 25
Final 1 % 40
Total % 100
Total % 100

ECTS / Workload Table

Activities Number of Activities Duration (Hours) Workload
Course Hours 14 3 42
Study Hours Out of Class 12 6 72
Presentations / Seminar 1 15 15
Project 1 60 60
Midterms 1 2 2
Final 1 2 2
Total Workload 193

Contribution of Learning Outcomes to Programme Outcomes

No Effect 1 Lowest 2 Low 3 Average 4 High 5 Highest
Program Outcomes Level of Contribution