Profile of the Program

Program participants may choose any sub-specialization area as their career plans or they can follow the sub-specialization areas in Decision-Making, Project and Risk Management, and Quality Management that are defined under the terms of todays conditions. Graduates are not only getting the Master of Science degree, but also they are able to have quality and industrial standards certificates like ISO 9000, ISO TS 16949, and ISO 22000. Participants must choose at least four courses within restricted course pool. Project course is a must for every participant. Remaining credits can be completed with restricted electives, technical electives or non-departmental elective courses. Students may register maximum two courses from other programs. Students may register these courses within Information Technology, Computer or Industrial Engineering programs, or Business programs that are covered by social sciences institute under the authorization of the program coordinators.

Qualification Awarded

The students who successfully complete the program are awarded the degree of Bachelor of Science

Level of Qualification

This is a program.

Specific Admission Requirements

Copy of graduate diploma or certificate of graduation, Copy of Bachelors degree transcript, 2 photographs, recommendation letter, certificate that indicating military service is done.

Qualification Requirements and Regulations

Program graduates have Engineering Management master degree (Master of Science).

Recognition of Prior Learning

At Bahcesehir University , full-time students can be exempted from some courses within the framework of the related by laws. If the content of the course previously taken in another institution is equivalent to the course offered at BAU, then the student can be exempted from this course with the approval of the related faculty/graduate school after the evaluation of the course content

Occupational Profiles of Graduates

Engineering Management Master's degree graduates may take charge in public and private sector production facilities, banks, hospitals, insurance companies.

Access to Further Studies

Graduates are capable of applying PhD. programs in related areas.

Program Outcomes

1 To be process oriented
2 To integrate technical specifications with management functions
3 To improve management skills by taking into account the economic, social and environmental conditions
4 To launch fast and agile decision-making process
5 To lead disciplinary and multi-disciplinary teams, to develop solution approaches in complex situations, to work individually and to take responsibility
6 To have conscious of professional and ethical responsibility
7 To be aware of economic and legal implications of engineering solutions
8 To have ability of selection and efficient use of modern techniques, equipments and information technologies for engineering management
9 To have verbal and oral effective communication skills by using visual methods in Turkish and English
10 To have conscious of necessity to lifelong learning
11 To be aware of entrepreneurship, sustainability and innovation
12 To be capable of designing and conducting experiments and collecting data, analyzing and interpreting results

Course & Program Outcomes Matrix

No Effect 1 Lowest 2 Low 3 Average 4 High 5 Highest
Program Outcomes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
ISM5101 Research Methods and Ethics
ISM5112 Project Management in Engineering
ISM5128 Financial Literacy for Executives
ISM5201 Advanced Engineering Management
ISM5303 Operations Management
ISM5999 Project
Departmental Elective
ISM5124 Strategic Human Resources Management
ISM5203 Statistical Data Analysis and Decision Making
ISM5204 Investment Decision Making
ISM5206 Decision Analysis
ISM5212 Quality Management
ISM5223 Corporal Management and Entrepreneurship
ISM5225 Human Resources Management
ISM5227 Risk Management
ISM5231 Strategic Management
ISM5242 Service Operations Management
ISM5254 Applied Optimization Techniques
ISM5302 Supply Chain and Logistics Management
ISM5322 Supply Chain Design
ISM5406 Neuroscience for Management
ISM5510 Innovation and Creativity Management

Course Structure Diagram with Credits

1. Semester
Course Code Course Name Prerequisites Theoretical Practical Credit ECTS
ISM5128 Financial Literacy for Executives 3 0 3 8
ISM5201 Advanced Engineering Management 3 0 3 8
Departmental Elective 3 6
Departmental Elective 3 8
Total 30
2. Semester
Course Code Course Name Prerequisites Theoretical Practical Credit ECTS
ISM5112 Project Management in Engineering 3 0 3 8
ISM5303 Operations Management 3 0 3 8
Departmental Elective 3 8
Departmental Elective 3 6
Total 30
3. Semester
Course Code Course Name Prerequisites Theoretical Practical Credit ECTS
ISM5101 Research Methods and Ethics 1 0 1 2
ISM5999 Project 0 0 0 16
Departmental Elective 3 8
Departmental Elective 3 8
Total 34

Program Director (or Equivalent)


Program Coordinator

Telephone: +90 0212381056