Arrangements for Academic Guidance

Regulation on Academic Counseling

Article 1 – According to clause (c) of Article 22 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547 and Article 16 of Bahçeşehir University’s Regulation on Undergraduate Education, faculty members and instructors are obliged to offer consultancy for students.

Article 2 – An academic advisor is assigned for each student by the deanship/directorate of respective department. The advisor of student is not replaced unless it is necessary. In case the advisor leaves the university for any reason, he/she is obliged to submit the files created about students pursuant to Article 3 to the affiliated deanship.

Article 3 – Advisors create a file specific to each student. This file contains student’s registration details, follow-up form on academic standing, transcript, master form, and courses form showing the courses the student enrolled in each semester. The transcript must be printed out after the grades are entered and the deadline for objections, before the enrollments for next semester starts. Such information must be updated in the Follow-up Form on Academic Standing.

Article 4 – Advisors accept their students on certain days and times at their offices and assist them in issues that students need help. When they learn that there’s a change in student’s details, advisor updated the information on such student. Advisors announce their office hours to students and inform their deanship about these hours. Advisors must meet the students at least once from the 5th to 11th week.

Article 5 – Deans/Directors meet the advisors at least once a month in order to evaluate counseling services and solve the problems of students. They inform the Faculty/Higher Education Board or University’s Board about the matters that are beyond the limits of their power and responsibility.

Article 6 – Advisors inform the Office of Student Affairs about students’ academic issues and problems through the Form for Academic Problems. They submit the students’ financial problems, together with their opinions, to the Dean of Students' Office.

Article 7 – The counseling services offered by advisors for students are evaluated by advisors’ students at the end of each academic year. The results of these evaluations are taken into account in respective dean/director in academic performance assessments.


Article 8 – This Regulation enters into force after it is accepted at the University Senate.


Article 9 – This regulation is executed by the President.