Focus on your fields of interest…

In our graduate school, you will find opportunities to deepen your existing knowledge and learn ways and methods to access information and knowledge in various areas. Every piece of knowledge you acquire in our graduate school will be a valuable investment in shaping your future. Regardless of your motivation in these programs, the time you spend on your education and personal development to reach your goals will fulfill you in personal, professional and financial aspects and create many possibilities in your career.

Rapid changes in technology make an impact on every aspect of our social lives and lead to new requirements. The programs are designed by taking such factors into consideration and are in a modular structure shaped with elective courses, offering you various interdisciplinary options. In many programs, such elective courses can be taken from the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences as well as the Graduate School of Social Sciences. By doing so, you, the candidates, are given the chance to design a module program based on your areas of interest.

In Bahçeşehir University’s Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, you will take courses with the academic staff who are experts in their field, have high motivation and communication with their students, and use highly equipped computer laboratories.

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