Both theory and practice…

Bahçeşehir University is located in Beşiktaş, the heart of Istanbul, in an environment equipped with an academic staff of field experts well informed about domestic and global issues. The University remains integrated with its graduates working in various sectors and in touch with the business world.

As the Graduate School of Social Sciences of Bahçeşehir University, our aim is in line with the vision of this university: to produce researchers and academicians who have the abilities and qualities necessary to succeed in an ever-changing world and workforce, equipped with both theoretical and practical knowledge of professional life. Bahçeşehir University produces inquisitive and creative individuals who perform interdisciplinary works, seek a solution for the country’s problems by way of not only theoretical works but also practical ones, and question everything.

The Graduate School of Social Sciences aims to enrich its programs day by day and offer global education to its students with a life-long learning mentality. Our Graduate School maintains its expeditious development by constantly strengthening its academic staff of field experts.

The age we are in now is the information age. Information is power. At our graduate school, you will specialize in your field and find opportunities to broaden your horizons in an interdisciplinary education environment.

Our purpose is to train the leaders of the future, who are sensitive to domestic and global issues, suitable for international standards, have scientific and cultural knowledge, have comprehensive knowledge of theories and approaches in social sciences and art, and are able to create new theoretical frames and put them into practice.

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