Bahçeşehir University’s Faculty of Medicine will begin offering education in the 2013-2014 Academic Year. The Faculty is founded as a result of cooperation between Bahçeşehir University and Medical Park Hospitals, and aims at being a medicine school and a practice and research centre with the following goals:

  • Raising scientists and physicians,
  • Offering health services and generating research-based knowledge at the best quality,
  • Capable of being covered by the journal Nature,
  • Believing Turkey’s capacity to win the Nobel Prize and making efforts to this end,
  • Offering education and making research in cooperation with the world’s leading education institutions such as Harvard and Yale,
  • Selecting its academic staff based on international standards and creating an environment for their development,
  • Making Istanbul a world centre in medical education and research.

In this context, BAU Medicine looks for students who are willing to pursue these goals and become the scientists and physicians of the future. To this end, students who look for being admitted to the faculty of medicine will be subject to interviews and they will be asked questions about their dreams and motives for preferring the field of medicine. As a result of interviews, students will be given fellowships based not only on exam grades but also on other successful and creative areas and become a member of the BAU Medicine family to realize their dreams.

The Building of Basic Medical Sciences, located next to the Göztepe Medical Park Hospital Complex, is now being constructed as the Centre for Advanced Medical Researches on 13.500 m2 area and will have stem cell, molecular, cardiovascular, and genetics laboratories, and will host the leading scientists and physicians in Turkey and in the world. Above all, our students will benefit from the experience of expert individuals, high quality laboratories and find the opportunity to make important research in health and medical research at a young age.

Where will the students of BAU Medicine study?

  • Preparation class
    • BAU Toronto Campus in Canada
    • BAU-Harriet Fulbright College in Washington, USA
  • Research and Internship
    • Harvard University
    • Yale University
    • Florida University
  • Stanford University
  • University of Geneva

Why BAU Medicine?

  • BAU Medicine is founded with the collaboration between two leading and experienced brands: Bahçeşehir Uğur Education Institutions and Medical Park. They combined forces and are now creating something new in Turkey. For the first time in Turkey, a private university will have a university hospital affiliated with the Social Security Institution.
  • BAU Medicine is the first Turkish faculty of medicine, which from the beginning proved its mission to make scientific research by constructing a research centre.
  • The education system of this faculty will offer students unique opportunities with a progressive structure. Students will be divided into different groups based on their professional targets and study at MD (medical education), MD/PhD (medical education + PhD) and research-oriented MD programs.
  • Students will benefit from Bahçeşehir University’s international networks and be able to make a 1-month clinical study at Harvard University’s Faculty of Medicine in the first year of their education. Also, every student will have the opportunity to study for 1 year at Dana Farber Cancer Institute of Harvard University at least once during his or her education. Additionally, they will take classes in the areas of genetics, neurogenetics, biomedical, anatomy and heart health and benefit from research facilities at Yale University, Stanford University, Florida University, and the University of Geneva.
  • Students of BAU Medicine will prepare for TUS (Examination for Specialty in Medicine) or USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) based on their preference, and get support in all areas of overseas education opportunities from the overseas education consultancy unit within the hospital.
  • Students will help us in making Turkish medicine a global brand, together with the faculty’s lecturers who are selected carefully based on the H-index for the first time in Turkey.

In the first two years, students will be able to take courses in various areas such as music, art and philosophy as other students of Bahçeşehir University. Also, the clinical education will start in the first year, not in following years of their education.

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