In our programs, we aim at raising leader healthcare professionals who will be models with their professional identities, and maintain their occupational responsibilities pursuant to ethical values and principles toward the objective namely “Health for Everyone”.

About the Faculty…

All programs of the Faculty of Health Services will be operated based on integrated, student-oriented, competency-based and interdisciplinary approaches, and thus it is aimed to have a strong and powerful faculty in terms of academic staff, international exchange programs, teaching in English, facilities for evidence-based access to information and clinical practice areas.

In line with the basic medical and professional practical courses at multi-purpose laboratories and skills laboratories, our students will attend seminars,general education courses and certificate programs which will contribute to their professional developments in the global competition, and their competency will be evaluated through dissertation projects. Due to the changing and increasing multidimensional healthcare requirements in the health system today, there is an increasing need for healthcare personnel who will manage the change and take responsibilities.

In line with the goals namely “Health for Everyone” and “Increasing the Quality of Life”, we, as Bahçeşehir University, aim at supporting the offering of healthcare services, by raising healthcare professionals who will perform their occupational responsibilities according to international standards, ethical principles and values.