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Course Introduction and Application Information

Course Code Course Name Semester Theoretical Practical Credit ECTS
IMT5412 Lighting and Color Applications Spring 3 0 3 12
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Basic information

Language of instruction: Turkish
Type of course: Departmental Elective
Course Level:
Mode of Delivery: Face to face
Course Coordinator : Assoc. Prof. SEZİN HATİCE TANRIÖVER
Course Lecturer(s): Assoc. Prof. SEZİN HATİCE TANRIÖVER
Recommended Optional Program Components: Field Studies
Course Objectives: This course aims to introduce a disciplinary approach to lighting design and color use in Interior Architecture and Architecture. The course is designed to give students an understanding and perception of lighting and to exemplify scientific researches in their field of interest, to help them in constructing their own researches. Besides, the course aims students to follow the recent and major literature in their fields.

Learning Outcomes

The students who have succeeded in this course;
- analyzes major principles and approaches of using natural light and artificial light in architecture
- examines and evaluates the effect of light on spatial perception,
- uses different approaches and techniques of illuminating interiors to create different atmospheres in spaces, in interior design projects,
- examines and evaluates the relationship between form of volumes/buildings and light,
- examines and uses the basics and principles of color in architectural and interior architectural design projects ,
- analyze and evaluate the effect of color on psychology, physiology and emotions
- evaluates different approaches of using color in spaces,
- referring to undergraduate knowledge, student decides on the path to his/her thesis research direction,
- investigates and analyses other scientific studies regarding these subjects,
- learns and follows up-to-date researches and developments about his/her field of research

Course Content

Vision and Color
Measurements of Light and Radiation
Color Theories and Methods
Interior Lighting
Exterior Lighting
Lighting in Transportation and Signalization
Photobiology and Photochemistry
Imaging Technologies
Others (light sources, lighting economy, lighting fixtures, green lighting technologies, etc.)

Weekly Detailed Course Contents

Week Subject Related Preparation
1) Vision and Color related articles
2) Vision and Color related articles
3) Measurements of Light and Radiation related arcticles
4) Color Theories and Methods related articles
5) Interior Lighting and HW1 related articles
6) Interior Lighting related articles
7) Exterior Lighting related articles
8) Exterior Lighting and HW2 related articles
10) Lighting in Transportation and Signalization related articles
11) Photobiology and Photochemistry related articles
12) Photobiology and Photochemistry related articles
13) Imaging Technologies Others subjects (light sources, lighting economy, lighting fixtures, green lighting technologies, etc.) related articles
14) Presentations of the field study preparation of power point presentations


Course Notes / Textbooks: Powerpoint presentation print outs
Subject related articles
References: - Michelle Corrodi and Klaus Spechtenhauser, Illuminating. ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich), Birkhauser Verlag AG, 2008
- Hervee Descottes with Cecilia E. Ramos. Architectural Lighting: Designing with Light and Space. Princeton Architectural Press, NY, 2011
- Ulrike Brandi. Lighting Design: Principles, Implementation and Case Studies. Birkhauser-Detail Practice, 2006, Munich
- Marietta S. Millet and Catherine Jean Barrett. Light Revealing Architecture. Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1996, NY
- Gerhard Meerwein, Bettina Rodeck and Frank Mahnke. Color: Communication in Architectural Space e-book in Bahcesehir University Library (copy center),
- M. David Egan and Victor W. Olgyay. Architectural Lighting.
- Nonie Niesewand. Lighting.
- Ulrike Brandi and Christoph Geissmar Brandi. Lightbook: The Practice of Lighting Design.
- Sage Russell. The Architecture of Light: Architectural Lighting Design Concepts and Techniques

Evaluation System

Semester Requirements Number of Activities Level of Contribution
Field Work 1 % 15
Homework Assignments 2 % 10
Presentation 3 % 10
Midterms 1 % 25
Final 1 % 40
Total % 100
Total % 100

ECTS / Workload Table

Activities Number of Activities Duration (Hours) Workload
Course Hours 15 3 45
Field Work 2 15 30
Study Hours Out of Class 15 3 45
Presentations / Seminar 2 8 16
Quizzes 2 3 6
Midterms 1 4 4
Final 1 5 5
Total Workload 151

Contribution of Learning Outcomes to Programme Outcomes

No Effect 1 Lowest 2 Low 3 Average 4 High 5 Highest
Program Outcomes Level of Contribution