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Course Introduction and Application Information

Course Code Course Name Semester Theoretical Practical Credit ECTS
KHK5603 Administrative Law Spring 3 0 3 8
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Basic information

Language of instruction: Turkish
Type of course: Departmental Elective
Course Level:
Mode of Delivery:
Course Coordinator : Prof. Dr. İLHAN ÖZAY
Course Lecturer(s): Assoc. Prof. AHMET YAYLA
Recommended Optional Program Components: None
Course Objectives:

Learning Outcomes

The students who have succeeded in this course;

Course Content

Weekly Detailed Course Contents

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Course Notes / Textbooks:

Evaluation System

Semester Requirements Number of Activities Level of Contribution
Total %
Total %

Contribution of Learning Outcomes to Programme Outcomes

No Effect 1 Lowest 2 Low 3 Average 4 High 5 Highest
Program Outcomes Level of Contribution
1) Has the knowledge on the different areas of the public law. 3
2) Has the knowledge of legal regulations, judicial decisions and the scientific evaluations related to them. 5
3) Develops her fundamental public law knowledge. 3
4) Has the knowledge on the protection measures in the criminal procedure law. 1
5) Has the knowledge on the adminstrative law issues. 5
6) Has the knowledge on the European Union criminal law. 1
7) Has the knowledge on the European Union's legislation and institutions. 1
8) Has the knowledge on the international and comparative public law. 1
9) Has the knowledge on the tax law. 1
10) Has the knowledge on the political and juridical basis of the State. 3
11) Has the knowledge on the Human Rights law. 3
12) Establishes the relation between the public law and the other social sciences. 1